A tribute to iconic comedians in Singapore, Masters of Comedy celebrates the stories of our funny men – the respected Bai Yan, comic duo Wang Sha Ye Feng, Hua Liang Zhao Jin, Jack Neo, Mark Lee and Hui Ge!


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In 1996, DECEMBER RAINS was the first Mandarin Musical written in Singapore ever. This labour of love was created by pivotal figure of Singapore Mandarin Pop – Liang Wern Fook , Singer and Composer Jimmy Ye, theatre director Alec Tok and celebrated producer James Toh.

Past Productions
Innamorati Two

Seven imparities, seven hearts and seven treasures find themselves in search for something more valuable within barter shop… Could the answer to happiness be an easy transaction?

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One person, one half. One half of passion and struggle. One half of faith and belief. One half of joy and sorrow. One half of love and sacrifice. Two halves, One sisterhood, Forever.

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After our hot musical hit – December Rains, which moved thousands of Singaporean to tears at the Esplanade Theatre; get ready to fight for a ticket for dynamite-charged musical extravaganza 881!

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Glass Anatomy

Adapted from the Taiwanese movie, “Papa, can you hear me sing?”, that took the entire Asia by storm and set the record for the highest number of nominations ever received at the 20th Golden Horse Awards.

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