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Toy Factory Productions Ltd , first established in 1990 under the name Toy Factory Theatre Ensemble, is Singapore’s leading bilingual theatre company. Known for its fiercely original, gutsy and edgy productions, Toy has constantly redefined boundaries with its creative approach to theatre making.

From its humble beginnings as a puppetry theatre company, Toy has evolved through the years into a professional multi-disciplinary theatre company that strives to create works that are accessible to all audiences. Being bilingual enables Toy to address, perform and reach out to both English and Mandarin-speaking audiences, a role which has been challenging, demanding and ultimately, rewarding.

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Past Productions



10 Brothers

(Mandarin Play ~ Children)
The year is 1400. In a humble fishing village in Temasek lives a loving couple, Father and Mother Xia. Fed up of pirate attacks at sea, they seek help from the Banana Tree Spirit who gives them a magic pouch to contain them. Consequently, the pirates are swiftly drawn into the pouch and brought to the Village Head, who unknown to all, leads a double life as a Two-Faced Demon.

In fact, the Two-Faced Demon had been the instigator of the pirate attacks and thus attacks Mother Xia. In self-defence, Mother Xia swallows the magic pouch to get it out of his reach. Embarrassed by his defeat and his cover blown, the Two-Faced Demon leaves town. That very night, Mother Xia miraculously gives birth to ten boys.

Each boy possesses a distinct extraordinary ability:-

Hawkeye One has hawk-like vision;
Decibel Two has the sharpest sense of hearing;
Mighty Three is fearless and strong;
Elastik Four is flexible and malleable ;
Wingfoot Five takes flight like an eagle;
I-ronn Six has a robust and indestructible head ;
Tower Seven has more than a foot over the rest of the competition;
Drillfast Eight can tunnel through ground;
Motor-mouth Nine has an appetite for more than just life…and
Weeper Ten causes a flood of passions…

One day, Fate brings the ten brothers to the Two-Faced Demon when they unexpectedly uncover his hiding hole. Like all self- respecting villains, the Two-Faced Demon is reminded of his defeat and decides to seek revenge. He kidnaps Father and Mother Xia and casts a spell on the Banana Tree Spirit who in turn, wrecks havoc amongst the brothers.

This dire predicament sets the ten brothers on an adventurous rollercoaster ride to save their parents, rid Banana Tree Spirit off her spell and restore peace to humanity. Will the ten brothers succeed? Will good conquer evil?

This action-packed musical play is backed up by a strong creative team : Fight and Dance Choreography by Gordon Choy (IOC Gala Opening), Music Direction by Bang Wen Fu (Forbidden City) and Script written by Mediacorp’s most prolific writer Koh Teng Liang.

A light-hearted and wholesome show for all in the school and family, Ten Brothers will be well publicized to institutions schools and the general public. In addition, in association with the Mandarin Cool! Campaign, Ten Brothers also sees many English-speaking talents make their debut cross-over to Mandarin theatre!

Ten Brothers promises to entertain all in the family and is a splendid treat not to be missed!

10 Brothers
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