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My aspiration as a child of my own
To this day have not been known

My dreams, my desires, my destiny,
Will it all be forsaken by reality?

Are you still my one and only Innamorati?

Toy Factory Productions presents an original Mandarin musical Innamorati. Featuring 12 Asia’s top hits composed by Eric Moo with new arrangement by his beloved brother Allan Moo. Showcasing our own young, dynamic and talented singers and a story inspired by their journeys in music industry.


My first…. My last…. My only one…

Seven stories, seven struggles from seven aspiring singers, find themselves at a crossroad for that one same dream. Every soothing note could just be a siren to hide the truth of vulnerability. Only perseverance will turn their quixotic pursue worthy.

When the first song is sung and the last tune is done, would that one and only dream still standing in your heart? Let’s sing the song of life with us in this musical.

No. of tickets sold 4320
No. of school attended 42
No. of study guide provided 4320


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Romeo & Juliet

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People say love conquers all.
Two teens decide to test the theory.
Putting their romance to the ultimate stress test,
Romeo and Juliet face off against blood debts, family feuds, deathbed curses,
Even the Grim Reaper himself.
Love may emerge the winner,
But is it the lovers who have everything to lose?


Romeo and Juliet remains one of Shakespeare’s most-performed classics, with the titular star-crossed sweethearts still the shining beacons of indomitable young love. Set in aristocratic Verona, the vicious blood feud between the lovers’ families, the Montagues and the Capulets, is blind to reason, not to mention romance. Young men perish in their prime, friends invoke curses on each other, and Romeo and Juliet’s right to love is inexorably denied…all in the name of an age-old enmity. It’s up to our two thwarted teenagers to change things – no matter what it takes. Come root for their battle to love, with Toy Factory’s sexy resurrection of this ancient classic for a modern audience.


No. of tickets sold 5728
No. of school attended 60
No. of study guide provided 5728


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The Crucible

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Justice is blind. Really?
The truth shall prevail. Will it?
Do you have the strength to stand against the masses?
Enter a world all too familiar in idolising our higher authority which comes short in integrity, moral conduct and trust.

Arthur Miller’s The Crucible is a central work in the canon of American drama. Set in a theocratic society, in which the church and the state are one. In this religiously suppressed society, the fatal concoction of faith and law is thoroughly exposed. Faith is a belief with no necessary evidence; while Law only requires belief as evidence.


The daughter of local minister, Reverend Parris, has fallen into a coma-like state. Finding little medical reasons, rumours of witchcraft begin to spread. Parris’s niece, Abigail Williams, picks up on these rumours and lies about seeing the devil frolicking with the local townsfolk. As more townspeople are picked out as witches, will the community continue to sing the death knell as a holy hymn?

Do they want to kill because they believe the accused are witches, or do they believe the accused are witches because they want to kill?


No. of tickets sold 4850
No. of school attended 55
No. of study guide provided 4850


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To Kill A Mocking Bird

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Ripe with attitude, Goh Boon Teck’s delirious imagination has descended on one of literary history’s most perfect stories ever written, To Kill A Mockingbird.  This stylized and unconventional adaptation features a strong multi-racial cast of veterans and promising actors from both television and theatre. Aggressively modern and assertively trendy, audiences will be treated to a visual pastiche inspired by the coexistence of good and evil, and the simplicity of light and dark. While taking artistic liberties in its staging, the issues of class, courage, compassion and prejudice, explored in the book remain fundamental.  To Kill A Mockingbird will intoxicate with its gritty and intense look at human behavior, gone wrong.


Based on Harper Lee’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel published in 1960, this adaptation for stage is by Christopher Sergel.

To Kill a Mockingbird fearlessly illustrates the themes of racial injustice and the destruction of innocence. With its lessons on tolerance and to decry prejudice, this provoking play remains committed to explore the moral nature of human beings and the coexistence of good and evil.

The story teller: A young and feisty tomboy.

The place: A sleepy and tired old town.

The time: The early 20th century or any time when we slipped our conscience.

The issue: A black man is accused of raping a white woman.

The protagonist: An idealistic lawyer gets to defend the black man.

The problem: His defense is far from easy, because few people in this town believe in the guiltlessness of an accused black.

“To Kill a Mockingbird is a gift to the entire world. As a model of good writing and humane sensibility, this book will be read and studied forever.”

President George W. Bush

No. of tickets sold 8372
No. of school attended 70
No. of study guide provided 8372


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