Script Collection Book 3


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Visualizing ideas through words

We have been doing so, for a mere twenty years

These texts are injected with actions, messages and emotions

Serving actors, designers and directors
It all started from a little voice in the mind

Ended amplified on a stage with full house attendees or not so many

But an idea had spoken and sprouted

A better tomorrow crazily desired
In written words, we have tried to be a fantastical insect or a crass street whore

When staged, we realised that everything was simply the sincere us

Our cries during our crossing of the dark tunnels of youth

Our angst over our misunderstood and underestimated egos

Our rejoices in provoking and confronting with controversies
It is just we, a group of children who refuses to grow up.

From Toy Factory, a house generous in providing strength to artists

A collection of our voices, memories and loves from the past two decades. Enjoy!


Book 3 has four stories to be told:


Trapped in a limbo between existences, seven deceased Singaporeans are reading their own obituaries.  A postman, a teacher, a grassroots leader, a businesswoman, an actress, a taxi-driver and his wife , seven elderly strangers with little in common in Life; now find themselves together as they face the greatest adventure of their lives – Death. Before this wait is over, they must each revisit, relive, re-enact the most significant moment in their life. Only then can they move on.


The 1970s – a kaleidoscopic period rife with temporal changes worldwide. Seven Singaporeans born in this tumultuous and delirious time transform into a myriad of insects with Keratin Kernels, abruptly altering all their relationships with Kith and Kin. In a rekindling of Franz Kafka’s “Metamorphosis”, and inspired by biographies of Kafka and stories of acquaintances, K, a play which explores deeply into the latent psyches of the seven kindred spirits born in the seventies.


UNDER explores the human desires and innate vulnerabilities. The R(A) play seeks to uncover the illicit sexual behaviour of a modern Chinese individual in a conservative societal and family structure. Written by Koh Teng Liang, this is the first of the many collaborations between Playwright Koh and Goh Boon Teck.


Inspired by a true Singaporean story, Long House is the ninth original play written by Toy Factory’s Chief Artistic Director Goh Boon Teck. Employing razor-sharp languages and fearless, satirical perspectives, it speaks of the entangled relationships within the Bai family. Their familial house, or long house as it is affectionately known, is long not only in structure, but also in history. As the battle between these modern individuals and their collective heritage begins, rivalry and jealousy, fear and violence, needs and lust all spiral towards a common perversion – love.