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Visualizing ideas through words

We have been doing so, for a mere twenty years

These texts are injected with actions, messages and emotions

Serving actors, designers and directors
It all started from a little voice in the mind

Ended amplified on a stage with full house attendees or not so many

But an idea had spoken and sprouted

A better tomorrow crazily desired
In written words, we have tried to be a fantastical insect or a crass street whore

When staged, we realised that everything was simply the sincere us

Our cries during our crossing of the dark tunnels of youth

Our angst over our misunderstood and underestimated egos

Our rejoices in provoking and confronting with controversies
It is just we, a group of children who refuses to grow up.

From Toy Factory, a house generous in providing strength to artists

We stage a series of 4 new ‘shows’ through print

  • Book 1 :
A Soul Has Two Edges – Plays on Homosexuality
  • Book 2 :
A Soft But Stronger Gender – Plays about Women
  • Book3 :
A Round Table of Chopsticks – Plays about Family
  • Book 4 :
A Tale of Histories – Plays of Epical Proportion

A collection of our voices, memories and loves from the past two decades.